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This was a personal project I started after going hiking at the Coyote Wall trailhead in Oregon. Before embarking on the trip I was searching for information online and saw an opportunity to condense and redesign the pages I was sifting through. The project includes a logo redesign and a hiking category page. 
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As many of us have experienced planning outdoor trips, navigating the informational websites can be half the battle if they’re outdated. I used the StoryBrand method to clarify the page goals. By using this I was able to identify pain points on the current website and think about how the design can show off Oregon Hikers’ expertise. Highlighting the trail restoration program was one way I was able to do that. 

The logo pays tribute to walking paths with the letter “g” drawn as a loop. Mixed with Ansel Adams style photos and hand-drawn illustrations, the new design speaks with a more confident tone. It goes without saying that design alone doesn’t drive success for a forum based website – the key is a great online community.