Luba Richter Orthodontics, Website Design & Development

When healthcare digital experiences are simple and intuitive, it empowers patients to take more control over their health. However, more often than not, navigating online healthcare information can often feel impersonal and complex. When Luba Richter approached us about redesigning their website, our goal was to build trust with their patients by clearly explaining dental treatment options, sharing patient stories, and showcasing friendly staff with updated photography.

My Role
Lead Designer
Jan Boringot, Account Manager
Paul Cole, Lead Content Writer
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User Journey Map

My main question while creating this journey map was, "How can a website help to reduce patient anxiety?" Dental work is often associated with pain and complexity, so we needed the content design to help alleviate some of this stress. To address this concern, we included tailored Frequently Asked Questions sections on the pages. By being transparent about a typical office visit, we aimed to give patients more confidence before their appointment.

Idea Exploration

One of the challenges of this project was developing a design language that would appeal to a wide audience, ranging from 6 to 100+ years old. We prioritized simplicity and playfulness to guide us in the right direction. After receiving feedback from the client and the internal team, I chose design elements that worked together cohesively and sparked joy.

Design Direction

To give the website more unique character, we used hand-drawn illustrations and a custom-designed icon pack as part of the design language. While these design choices added a youthful touch, we also wanted to be mindful of our older audience. To cater to this demographic, we incorporated large font sizes and reduced the number of animation sequences, keeping the page design approachable.

An Upgraded Style Guide

Consistency and efficiency are the foundation of any design system. In the past, the design team relied on PDF style guides to present client branding. This approach had limitations that created a sluggish workflow whenever a branding change needed to be made. To address this challenge, we created a live style guide that enables real-time updates throughout the entire website.


The previous version of the website had a boxy style that made the design feel cramped. To give the website a breath of fresh air, we added rounded edges and a more free-flowing layout. Along with the updated design, patients can now easily book appointments online, fill out patient forms, and learn about various payment options.