I create work that encourages people to connect with the world around them.

My creative career spans across environmental science, media production, and content management, which has influenced my nuanced approach to design. This blend of experiences has given me a holistic design approach, allowing me to turn ideas into tangible, impactful experiences.

I’m passionate about figuring out ways to improve future digital experiences and exploring the best methods for archiving the past. This approach underscores the importance of learning from history to shape the future. Right now I'm researching how different immersive technologies can improve people's connection with their environment.

Currently, I work on a freelance basis with companies to create visual graphics and improve their brand design systems.

The desire for connection started at an early age for me. At six years old, my parents gave me a DIY butterfly pavilion. This tall mesh box was placed in my living room for weeks, allowing me to watch each caterpillar as it transformed into its final form. Having this unique view of the insects rocked my world; it was like having VIP tickets to Mother Nature's show. In the end, I had to release the butterflies, which made me unhappy because I practically saw them as my own children. Although I was sad at the time, that experience helped me discover the joy of observation and building small worlds.

This perspective continued into childhood on my family's farm in Colorado where we grew alfalfa and raised a variety of animals. This experience impacted my values in several ways, one of which was teaching me important lessons about creativity. I learned that creativity is not about what you lack, but about making the most of the resources available to you. Throughout the years I witnessed my family constructing playful and absurd inventions to accomplish their goals, using everything from old car parts and computers to hand-me-down clothes. I loved how these inventions developed their own personality through their unique and eccentric designs. I was inspired by these creations and couldn't resist starting my own creative projects.

Engaging with these curiosities in the present day feels more like a journey of self-discovery than anything else. I believe that by prioritizing connection and presence, we can navigate the complexities of the world with a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment.

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