Delmain website in desktop view.

Delmain, Website Design & Development

We relaunched Delmain’s website to showcase their expertise in dental digital marketing. The goal was to have the website be a place where people could educate themselves on the services offered without experiencing information overload. This project provided the opportunity to leverage my analytic skills, experiment with illustration, and collaborate with a larger creative team.
Marissa Marino, Design & Development, Illustration
Brance Pearson, Design & Development
Shauna Simons, Copywriting
Paul Cole, Project Management
Evan Corpuz, Branding
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We worked with designer Evan Corpuz to refresh the overall branding. For the logo, we chose a serif font that felt sturdy and dependable. Greens, blues and pinks were selected for the palette to help differentiate Delmain from a traditionally monotone industry.

I used an eye tracking tool that aided my design decisions — the software could highlight areas of the design that looked cluttered or point to areas of interest. This helped me determine if we needed to trim down copy or rework certain layouts.

The biggest challenges on this project stemmed from the size of the website. Keeping the visual identity consistent and migrating assets over was a challenge because of this. That being said, we overcame those hurdles and created a website that better reflected the personality of the team and new direction of the company.
“Since launching the site, we haven't had a lead from the website from anyone who is not a dentist. This saves us time and effort sorting through leads who aren't good fits for Delmain.”
Paul Cole, Director of Operations