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MillBridge Dentistry, Website Design & Development

MillBridge is a startup dental practice in North Carolina. Because they were still laying down their roots when they approached us about building their website, it was a great opportunity to help establish the tone of the business through the design of the new website.
Marissa Marino, Design & Development
Shauna Simons, Copywriting
Jan Boringot, Account Management
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Since MillBridge is located in a small housing development, we wanted to highlight the local feel of the business to differentiate them from corporate competitors in the area.

We worked closely with the MillBridge team to create a site that mirrors the practice environment; playful, approachable, and trustworthy. Building a website that came across as playful and serious sometimes felt like a paradox. We addressed this in the design by incorporating hand drawn illustrations that fed into the playful side, while the serif font for the heading helped anchor down the design.
“We're seeing 100 new patients consistently every month. We're booked out 3 weeks ahead, and our phones are ringing off the hook.”
Dr. Anait Balasanyan, Owner of MillBridge Dentistry